Welcome to St Constantine’s

Our parish meets every Sunday at the Chapel of York St John University and we invite you to join us for worship. How to find us.
We celebrate the Divine Liturgy and other liturgical services in the English language.

COVID considerations:

  • Many of the restrictions have now been lifted, but there is still a need to take care. The wearing of face masks is no longer compulsory, but we advise people to continue wearing them in the chapel as a responsibility to other members of the parish. Please consider those who may be more vulnerable than you.
  • The icons and cross may now be reverenced in the usual way if you so wish.
  • We have begun once more to provide coffee after the service.

Let us all pray for one another. Daily Prayers, and the supporting texts for our streamed services can be found on the Praying at Home page.


We warmly invite you to join us online at https://facebook.com/yorkorthodox, where all of our services will be livestreamed. A Facebook account is not required.

Please refer to the full calendar of services which can be found on this page.