Whether you are a life-long member of the Orthodox Church or simply curious, you will find a warm welcome at any of our services!

Divine Liturgy is served each Sunday at 10am, preceded by Parish Matins at 9.30. Additionally, there is a Paraklesis service on the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm and additional services for important commemorations. Please see the Calendar (on the right or below) for a full list.

On occasion we offer prayers of thanksgiving or intercession for a variety of events and circumstances in the lives of our parishioners at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. These can be arranged with the Clergy.

The sacrament of Confession is available to individuals on request, and can be arranged with the clergy.

Our services are held in the chapel of York St John University. You can find us using the map the right, or by viewing a map of the university campus.

Parking options:

  • On-road and off-road parking near the campus is plentiful but expensive.

Free Parking options:

  • There is an excellent ‘Park and Ride’ scheme with six locations. Parking is free, bus fares are reasonable. Sunday buses do not start until 9.30am. Not all routes will bring you close to St John’s. Details.
  • If you arrive early there may be space in the campus car park.