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Streaming Services at St. Constantine’s: Update

Dear Friends-in-Christ,

Please God, you, your family and your friends are still keeping safe and healthy. Don’t forget to send me the names of anyone that particularly needs our prayers at the moment.

Have you been able to follow some of the marvellous online Reader Services which Chris and his family have been offering us over the past few weeks? If you have been you might be pleased to hear that we have found a way to stream the Divine Liturgy to you on this coming Sunday. I will be serving the Liturgy at my house as usual, and Chris will be doing the chanting in his!

Follow the Facebook link on our parish webpage as usual, and we hope to be offering Liturgy instead of Typika at 10 am – the Hours will be chanted at 9:30 as usual.

And don’t forget to let me know if you’d like to join the “virtual coffee conversation” afterwards and we’ll send you the link.

Many of you have told me how much you are missing the chance to come again to the Chapel in York on Sundays. Please God this will happen soon, but in the meantime this is a chance to remind ourselves that we are still one family in our Blessed Saviour.

And as we are one family, I want to say that I am aware that some of us are finding things very difficult at the moment – either spiritually, or also materially, as the lock-down bites. Please do feel that you can contact me at any time to share your difficulties with me in total confidence and I will do what I can to give you help, support and prayers.

Meanwhile stay safe and well, and may God bless you all,
Fr. Michael

Pilgrimage to Harpham

On Sunday 13th October we held our first Parish Pilgrimage to Harpham,
birthplace of St John of Beverley.


St John of Beverley was one of the great Saints in Yorkshire at the time when the Church in England was still part of the Orthodox Church. He was a member of the religious community in Whitby, became Bishop of Hexham in AD 687 and Bishop of York in 705AD. He founded Beverley Minster where his relics are interred.

The Liturgy
By kind permission of the Vicar and churchwardens, the Liturgy was celebrated in the Parish Church of St John of Beverley, Harpham. A good number of parishioners made the journey from North, South and West and we were joined by Rev James and some of the members of the village church.

Unfortunately we were unable to pray at St John’s Holy Well due to the heavy rain. However, after a shared lunch in the village hall the rain abated and some people were able to visit the well before leaving for home.